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Creator Commissions

Did you know you can get an original, one-of-a-kind drawing of one of your favourite characters from your favourite creator? Meet the folks behind your favourite books and get a special, collectible piece of art to take home!

How long do they take?

Commissions depend on the creator and the type of commission you're looking for. Some can be done within an hour, others might have to be delivered by mail at a later late. Be sure to ask the creator for an estimate of how long your commission might take.

Types of commissions:

  • Head sketch
  • Full body
  • Sketch cover on a blank cover comic
  • Full cover quality commission (essentially as detailed as what a published cover would be)

Keep in mind, not all artists do all these types. Some might do a pencil commission while others will do a fully penciled and inked commission. Simply ask!

How Much do they cost?

Prices will vary from creator to creator. But commissions are a unique way of taking home a custom piece of art from one of your favourite comic book (s)heroes!