Medieval Chaos

Crystal Garden - Booth 112

Medieval Chaos is a high energy, full contact, Role-Playing Game set in its privately-owned village of Dagger Deep. Come and play your character in the world of Medieval Chaos where they play 40 Saturdays a year in rain, snow or shine. Medieval Chaos is an exciting, fast paced, intense role play experience with exhilarating physical combat. They are the premier Vancouver Island Heavy Action Role Playing (H.A.R.P.) experience with 150+ members, weekly events, visual spells, live music, intense combat, and an amazing role-playing environment in their very own keep.

Come visit Medieval Chaos at Capital City Comic Con where they will be doing fight/combat demonstrations of their HARP (Heavy Action Role Play) System at the Outside location of Crystal Garden. At their main booth all day, they will be showing videos of events, showing their In-Game systems, currency and spell components. As well as what their costuming and equipment looks and feels like.

Appearing All Days


Facebook: Medieval Chaos

Venue: Crystal Garden & Outside Plaza