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Nerd City Tattoo

Location: Crystal Garden Upper Level

Commit to your toy, comic, game and pop culture obsessions with Nerd City Tattoo at Capital City Comic Con. Five amazing artists giving you fabulous Nerdy Flash Tattoos! Swing by their booth in Crystal Garden to check out this year’s offerings and make your appointment before they get fully booked!

Bryan J. Turnbull

Bryan Turnbull is a tattooer based out of Victoria, BC. He works in all styles but specializes in Portraits & Nerdy Pop Culture Tattoos. He is a fan of vintage Star Wars and 80’s toys and Cat-Dad of two stupid kitties. You can find him at Government Street Tattoo.

Instagram: @bryanjturnbull


Miles Kanne

Miles Kanne is a tattooer with over 14 years of experience. With huge influences in traditional and illustrative tattooing, his tattoo style reflects his passion. With neon soaked nostalgia pouring from his art, his pop culture influence and love of all things retro is clear. From video games to movies, tv and everywhere in between. This is one artist not to miss.

Instagram: @mileskanne and @technoirtattoo


Scott Robertson

Scott robertson been tattooing radness for roughly 16-ish years. He works at Painted Lotus Tattoos and specializes in nerdtastic culture, the creepy and the weird. Nerdcore!

Instagram: @scottrobertsonarts

Contact at Painted Lotus Studios, Victoria


Bobby Tripp

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away Bobby stared drawing as a kid, emulating the styles of his favourite comic book artist and bands record albums. He knew from a young age he always wanted to do something creative with his life. He entered art school a couple years after he graduated high school and that kind of gave him the bug even more to pursue an art based career. Bobby didn’t find tattooing until a bit later on but once he did all of of his passions as a kid (the dark imagery on metal and punk albums and the dynamic drawing style of comics) all collided. He’s been tattooing now for about 13 years and it’s been one the best choices he’s made because not only he can fallow his passion for creating and drawing but it’s constantly pushing him to do better. He’s always loved sci fi and fantasy art and he’s been really trying to push his career as a tattooist into that realm lately. He can now say he almost owes everything he has in his life because of comics and the sci fi/horror/and fantasy movies he grew up on. Without their influence he honestly wouldn’t know where he would be.


Emily Shoichet

Emily Shoichet has been tattooing for the past 15 years here in Victoria. Colorful, illustrative tattoos are the main focus of her work, but she won’t turn away from the clean simplicity of black work either. A self-identifying nerd who enjoys a variety of fandoms from Buffy to D&D, Dr. Who to Steven Universe, Harry Potter and so many more in between. She is very excited to be joining the Nerd City crew at this years’ Capital City Comic Con.

Instagram: @nerdcitytattoos