Vancouver Island Pokémon Go Syndicate (VIPGS)

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Vancouver Island Pokémon Go Syndicate (VIPGS) is a volunteer organization dedicated to bringing the players of the game Pokémon Go and the diverse community groups together. Come visit them at CCCC. Their focus is on bringing fun, friends, and family together under a shared interest of catching pocket monsters!

Pokémon Go Catch Challenges

How many pocket monsters can you catch in one hour?

Day 1: check in between 3:30pm & 6pm; final checkout by 8pm
Day 2: check in between 10:30am & 3:00pm; final checkout by 5pm
Day 3: check in between 10:30 am & 2:00pm; final checkout by 4pm

Prize winner will be post during the last hour each day of the convention.


The Capital City Championship Cup!

Victoria's Premier Pokémon Go Trainer Battle Tournament

Single Elimination Pokémon GO PVP Tournament for Capital City Comic Con Attendees!
Tournament Champions will each receive a unique trophy, prizes, and more!
Participation Prizes!

More Information and Details will be made available to pre-registered trainers as they become available. Battles will take place in the afternoon of Saturday March 23rd.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pgosyndicate/