Cosplay Repair Station

Dressing up at Capital City Comic Con? Did something happen to your cosplay costume and you need help repairing it at the event? Never fear, our Cosplay Repair Station is here! Visit the Victoria Tool Library or Julie Jensen Custom Costumes.

Julie Jensen Custom Costumes makes custom clothing for all kinds of genres like anime, manga, sci-fi, steampunk, comic book as well as special occasions. The items are finished with a particular eye to detail and authenticity. Custom embroidery is also available on garments or as a separate commission. At the con they will provide repairs to garments and wigs as well as styling fixes for the wigs. Repairs range from free to a fee, depending on the amount of work that is involved.

Damage to your cosplay props or armor? The Victoria Tool Library has you covered with their cosplay repair station. They have all the tools and materials you need to re-glue, touch up, or make a creative repair to your costume so you can get back on the convention floor!