Linda "Linzorz"

Linda "Linzorz" is a cosplayer from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Gaming since the age of 5, it was her cousin – an avid gamer, who introduced Linzorz to Street Fighter II on SNES and the rest was history. Her love for video games naturally lead her to exploring the world of cosplaying in 2006. Since then, she has cosplayed a variety of characters but is best known for her portrayal of strong female characters from fighting games like Chun-Li from Street Fighter, Squall from Final Fantasy and Overwatch’s D.Va.

Linzorz has attended conventions across the United States and been a guest cosplayer at multiple fighting game tournaments. Her goal with cosplay is to stay true to why she started in the first place - to exhibit fandom and have it be a fun hobby regardless of where it may take her. Aside from being a gamer and cosplayer, you can find her checking out new places to eat. Just don’t challenger her to a pizza eating contest, she’ll beat you.