Fadi Hakim

Publisher, Chapterhouse Comics Group

President, Captain Canuck Incorporated

At age 6, Fadi bought Captain Canuck #1 at a Flea Market Comic Stall, and hasn’t looked back since. Forming Captain Canuck Incorporated with Richard Comely in 2012, Fadi spearheaded the redesign of the Captain with Kalman Andrasofszky and Paul Gardner, and produced the Animated Series- ‘Captain Canuck: Fool’s Gold, starring Kris Holden Reid, Paul Amos, Laura Vandervoort and Tatiana Maslany.

Fadi Hakim consequently founded the Chapterhouse Comics Group in 2014. Boasting titles such as Captain Canuck, Spirit Leaves, The Pitiful Human Lizard, All New Classic Captain Canuck, True Patriot and Die Kitty Die, the fledgling publishing house is quickly becoming Canada’s leading comics company, distributing throughout North America and internationally.