Kasey Golden

After studying Graphic Design and graduating in Tennessee, Kasey moved to Canada to live with her husband and pursue her career as a freelance artist. Because she wasn’t able to work in Canada legally (yet!), she took to making YouTube videos to stay productive and creating art on a regular schedule. She created artwork based on challenges, monthly art supply subscription boxes, and her popular series “500 Drawing Prompts” as she draws her way through 500 words to inspire unpredictable illustrations and stories.

One day YouTube decided to show millions of people her “Teeny Weeny Challenge”, a video where she saw how small of a piece of paper she could draw on. The challenge took the art community by storm and before she knew it YouTube became her fulltime job. She now spends her time drawing hundreds of ants, creating characters, and invites her audience of over 800,000 subscribers to draw along with her as she continues through the 500 Drawing Prompt book! She is currently working on following her dream of publishing her own children’s book, so be on the look out!