Sun Khamunaki

Sun Khamunaki is a Canadian digital painter and illustrator known primarily for her painted covers and character design work. She specializes in pinup, science-fiction, horror and fantasy illustrations. Sun has applied her artistic skill to portray popular fictional characters in her own stylistic vision.

She first became known by her Lady Death covers for Coffin Comics written by creator Brian Pulido and has since then done a variety of projects for Coffin Comics including Zack the Zombie Exterminator and La Muerta. Since then, she has done covers for the Grimm Fairy Tales series The Black Knignt, and various upcoming projects for Zenescope Entertainment. She has done covers for Rothic Comics including Ancient Dreams and Vancouver island's Hangman Comics Monsterella. Sun has illustrated the cover art on London May's Devilution Album. Her work has been showcased in the August 2017 Imagine Fx magazine Xpose which includes today's most outstanding digital artists.

In between travelling from one comic convention to the next, she is working on her graphic novel Ormus and a collection of traditional pieces for a gallery exhibition.