Tony White

Tony is a Dad of two lovely geek girls, the husband of the most patient woman he knows and Halifax based Managing Editor for Canada's largest comic book publisher, Chapterhouse Comics. During his time with the publisher, he has helmed some of the company's most popular titles, like Captain Canuck, All New Classic Captain Canuck, Northguard, the Chapterhouse 2016 Summer Special and Die Kitty. Currently, he is working on the 2018 Free Comic Book Day issue of Die Kitty Die and 3rd arc of the popular series as well as the anthology series, True Patriot Presents.

In his spare time he complains about having too many pets and enjoys microblogging about craft beers that apparently all smell and taste the same to his wife.

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  • Booth: 16
  • Appearing:¬†All days
  • Tony will be hosting all sketch battles and comic panels. - Oak Bay Room 2 (Map)