Frequently Asked Questions

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets will go on sale later in the year. Please be sure to join our newsletter mailing list at the bottom of the page for announcements and updates.

Do I have to register for every event ahead of time, or will there be tickets available during the conference?

Some events will require pre-registration, which will be available until tickets to those events are sold out. There will also be tickets to non-sold-out events available for purchase during the convention.

How do I find things in the convention?

During the convention you can pick up our Official Event Guide. This handy guide has maps, guest info and more! Our Info Booths are also a great way to ask questions and you can also find a volunteer to help guide your way.

I am interested in being a cosplay guest or special guest. Who do I contact?

All inquiries to be a guest at the show should be sent to

I have a great idea for a panel! Who do I contact?

Panel submissions are closed. Please join our newsletter or follow us on social to receive updates when submissions go up.

My costume has a weapon… Will that be a problem?

Have a read through our Official Weapons Policy. If you still have questions regarding your weapon, please email us at We will be checking weapons at the event at the Cosplay Weapon's Check Point. Please keep in mind that Capital City Comic Con is a family-oriented show and we want to make sure everyone has a safe time at the event. No illegal weapons will be permitted at the event. If it is sharp and pointy, please leave it at home.

How do I sign up as a volunteer?

Volunteer registration is currently closed - please watch our social media or join our newsletter if you are interested in volunteering for 2020. We will announce when volunteer applications go live later in the year.

Is the whole conference all-ages?

The majority of the convention is all-ages. We are a fun, family-friendly event. Any 19+ events will be clearly identified as such.

I am at the con and need assistance. What do I do?

Look for one of our volunteers. They will be able to help you or find further help if needed. Stop by one of our three information booths to ask questions about the comic con. There will also be security around if needed who are trained in first aid.

Does the event have accessibility options?

The Victoria Conference Centre and Crystal Garden are equipped with ramps, elevators, automatic doors and wheelchair accessible washrooms. Please visit the Victoria Conference Centre’s website for more detailed information on accessibility, as well as maps of both venues with relevant accessibility points clearly marked.

If I leave, can I get back in?

Yes, you will be able to get back in with your event bracelet. Be prepared to flash it at the volunteers at the doors.

What support services do you offer?

Creating a fun and safe event for everyone is very important to us at Capital City Comic Con. Please see our Support Services page for more information on the services we provide. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Can I bring large items with me to Capital City Comic Con?

We want to make sure everyone can easily move around the convention areas. The following items are not permitted on the showroom floors: Large strollers (umbrella or similarly sized strollers are permitted), Handcarts & Trolleys, Large Cosplay wings spanning wider than 4’ from wingtip to wingtip, Rolling luggage larger than 22” L x 14” W x 9” H.

Looking for parking downtown?

Check out this handy website page from the DVBA here

Code of Conduct

Please review our official Code of Conduct here.

Weapons Policy

Please review our official Weapons Policy here.

Support Services

Please review our available Support Services here.