Nerd City Tattoo

Come and sport your toy, comic, game and entertainment obsessions with Nerd City Tattoo at Capital City Comic Con. Four amazing artists gave you fabulous Nerdy Flash Tattoos!


Bobby Tripp


Currently a full-time tattooist at Black and Blue Tattoo in Nanaimo here on Vancouver Island, Bobby has been tattooing professionally for the past 12 years and he loves his job. He especially enjoys doing pop culture, sci-fi and horror related tattoos. He started drawing at a young age emulating the artists from the comics he used to buy as well as the art from the metal and punk albums he had. He has always had a firm foothold in “nerd” culture and it’s what really inspires him at the end of the day.

Bryan Turnbull


Bryan Turnbull is a tattooer based out of Victoria, BC. He works in all styles but specializes in Portraits & Nerdy Pop Culture Tattoos. He’s a fan of vintage Star Wars and 80’s toys and Cat-Dad of two stupid kitties. You can find him at Government Street Tattoo and online on Instagram @bryanjturnbull

Miles Kanne


Miles Kanne is a tattooer with over 10 years experience currently working at Steveston Tattoo Company. His background of traditional and illustrative tattooing combined with his passion for all things retro is reflected in his tattoo style. With neon soaked nostalgia pouring from his art, his influence from pop culture in video games, movies, television and everything in between is clear.

This is one artist not to miss. Find him on instagram @mileskanne and stevestontattooco.com

Scott Robertson


Scott Robertson is  a tattoo artist of 17 yrs, enjoying every day of it at @paintedlotusstudios . Happy to be part of the cool kids club by doing nerd culture tattoos for the hardcores AND the bullies that stuck him in lockers all those years ago for reading comics, playing DnD and watching cartoons. #plsnerdcore !! His creative portfolioincludes traditional/digital art and is currently creating artwork for an upcomingcard game "Warbridge". Find him on Instagram @countscottula